Friday, 21 May 2010

Magical Bluebells at Alnham

Just fantastic, that's all, just fantastic!  At five o'clock we closed up Crown Studio Gallery for the night and headed for the hills.  In a little wood near Alnham we found what we were looking for, woodland simply carpeted with bluebells.  Lynda has been looking to paint some new bluebell images and this was the opportunity.  We walked through the woods for a couple of hours taking photographs and sketching and didn't see or hear another soul, not a voice, not a car, no distant hum of machinery just the sound of the birds.  We were surprised once by a deer rushing to avoid us bu no other humans, for me this is what makes Northumberland special, the opportunity to really get away from it all.  The vivid blue of the flowers, the scent of the fresh woodland, the sound of birds and animals and the feel of rough bark and soft silky vegitation all that was needed was a bottle of wine and some fine local cheese to complete the total sensory imersion.  We will be back in thenext few days and we will have the picnic with us, meanwhile the first painting is looking pretty good.

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